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Michael Mazaika

Michael Mazaika

Mount Airy, MD


I am a seat-of-the-pants photographer: with not the best of equipment but not the worst either; possessing good timing but no stranger to poor; with camera gear in tow and at other times without; witness to incredible light and often not so; there at the right moment and frequently just a few minutes too late. Maybe a lot like you.

I am a lover of history and of our country; privileged to have seen a few other lands and their people; grateful for the sight that I have been given on loan; blessed by the scenes before me and the vision to see what they may look like at another hour and in another season.

When I gave my life to Christ it was the fulfillment of the faithful prayers of many others on my behalf. There was no resounding Alleluia Chorus to be heard, the sky did not open up. Only two voices: one clearly saying to the young man frozen in his seat, able only to raise his hand - “if it is war you choose, then war it shall be”, and the Other saying more quietly “Welcome son; I am with you”.

Since that day, we have been together in the fields and forests, at the mountains and along the rivers, in the morning mist, the evening’s twilight, and all times in between, through the heat and cold of the day and the seasons, in golden and silver light and surrounded by shadows.

My perspective on His relationship with my photography came into greater focus a few years ago as I thought over a quote attributed to the photographer Minor White, as explained by National Geographic photographer Dewitt Jones, who related that Minor White would never say ‘what will I take today’, but rather would ask ‘what will I be given today’ - 180-degrees out of phase of our natural tendency. My hope is that you will be blessed by the images, the gifts, that I have received.


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